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Export Containers
  • Select your own mixed 20ft or 40ft container.
  • We supply 30+ countries.
  • Home electrical appliances, housewares, cookware, hair care, power tools and more.
  • Raw, tested and graded products.
  • After deciding on grade and quantity, our customers self select a range of stock by individual pallets.
  • We load and dispatch on average 3 to 4 container per week.


Raw Returns
  • Raw returns - mixture of stock received from retailers which may be failed mail order deliveries,
  • Customer returns, unwanted gifts, end of line, discontinued models, store returns, used products.
  • Customer changed mind, faulty product, a part/accessory missing and damaged box.
  • These items may need work but on average 80 to 90% are in reasonable to good working order.
  • Major UK brands.
  • Unchecked.


Graded Returns
  • Tested and checked.
  • Grade A: like new. May have been ex-display.
  • Grade B: minor blemishes and scratches. Clean.
  • Grade C: factory reconditioned. Tested/working. Box damaged and blemishes. Some cleaning required.
  • Our range includes kettles, toasters, food preparation, slow cookers, food processors, steam irons, microwaves, blenders, juicers, vacuum cleaners, hair care, power tools, fridge freezers and more.


New Stock
  • Brand new.
  • End of line.
  • Direct from factory.
  • Ex-catalogue stock.
  • Overstock.
  • Clearance stock
  • Bulk stock.

What We Offer

Container Loads for Export

We specialise in the wholesale export of container loads and truck loads of home electrical appliance stock, mainly to Africa, the Middle East & Eastern Europe. Unlike other companies who sell customer returned electrical goods in mixed product tubs or pallets, with us you can choose specific products to make up your own customer selected container load. We sell wholesale electrical returns, over stock pallets, bulk returns, job lots, ex catalogue goods, liquidation stock pallets, clearance stock pallets, bankrupt stock pallets, end of line stock pallets and our customers often select their own complete pallets of each type of product in quantities to suit their market and then have these loaded into a container for export. They do not have to take "pot luck" with a pallet or tub of mixed electrical stock.

Raw Returns

We have customer returns contracts with many of the leading major UK manufacturers of electrical home appliances. These returned goods come to us via high street stores and retailers such as Argos, Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys etc. as unchecked and raw returns which they can not sell for various reasons. This may be because the goods are surplus stock, failed mail order delivery, end of lines, discontinued models, 30 day customer returns, unwanted gifts, customer changed their mind, faulty, used appliances, parts or accessories missing, manual missing, or damaged box and packaging. These items can be sold as seen at a discounted price, with on average 80%-90% in good working order. Again our customers can buy from a self selected range of products.

Graded Returns

We have our own in-house team of qualified electricians and technicians. The team is fully trained and qualified to carry out refurbishment work and testing of electrical products to the highest UK standards. The product is then ranked either Grade A or Grade B and available to buy in an almost as new condition. For full details of our graded stock please click here.

New Stock

We have wholesale stock containing a vast range of large and small home electrical goods, cookware, table ware, glassware, bakeware, hair care, personal grooming products, bedding and power tools. Often brand new, end of line, clearance stock,direct from factory, x catalogue, surplus stock pallets or overstock, etc.

Branded Housewares - we now ship worldwide

Example Loads

  • A 40 foot container packing list please click HERE.

  • A standard 24 pallet Breville grade C load please click HERE. The average item price for this particular load is £4.99 (note: Grade C is refurbished by the manufacturer and is testing/working).

  • A standard 72 pallet Einhell raw return load please click HERE. (note: Raw returns are sold as seen at a discounted price, with on average 80% in good working order).

  • A standard LEC raw return load please click HERE. We have under counter fridge freezers from £40 and large combi fridge freezers from £175 (note: The stock is good quality raw untested UK customer returns).

  • Breville grade C load which came in on 6/2/2017 please click HERE. The average item price for this particular load is £4.88 (note: Grade C is refurbished by the manufacturer and is testing/working).