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Frequently Asked Questions

A guide on how to buy wholesale stock lots and pallets from Branded Housewares.

Q. How do I buy pallets of returns or clearance stock?

A. We prefer you to visit us and choose the pallets you require. Once you are here you can choose the pallets you want and we will take a deposit or full payment. We do not deliver single pallets but we do deliver multiple pallets and concentrate on container loads of self-selected mixed home electrical appliances. 80% of potential customers who visit us then go on to place an order – often container load orders.

Q. How do I buy container loads of stock and import from the UK to my country?

A. Because we have a vast range and various grades of stock it is always best for you to visit us. We have 3 showrooms and 100,000 sq ft of stock storage space. An appointment is necessary, please ring +44 1902456659 but if you arrive without an appointment – one of our sales team will deal with you but only after you have looked around and there may be some waiting involved. Or
  • If you can not visit us, you are recommend to contact us by email stating where your market is, e.g. which country you sell to and what quantity of products you are interested in.
  • Then list the items which you are interested in buying, such as steam irons, juicers and food processors. Please email the list to us.
  • We will then send you a draft quotation with up-to-date stock quantity and prices.
  • Once your order is agreed a deposit is required before the stock is picked.
  • Full payment is required on or before the day of loading.
  • Please note: all prices are Ex works which means the order excludes shipping or transport delivery costs.
  • If a container or lorry is required, the buyer is responsible for their own transport, however we are able to recommend a transport or shipping company if the buyer doesn’t have any transport available.
  • We will load a lorry or van free of charge, but if a container is loaded by our staff we charge £300 for loading a container.
  • If the stock is loaded on our premises, and exported then the buyer may be exempt from VAT if a Bill of Lading is completed. However if the stock is taken from our premises we will require a Bill of Lading, within 4 weeks of purchase.

Q. How do I get an appointment to view / buy stock?

A. Please ring us on +44 1902456659 on to get an appointment or email us

Q. What are Raw Returns?

A. Raw retail customer returns are products which are returned back to the retail store or shop by a retail customer where the customer believes that the product is faulty or that the product is no longer desirable, i.e. changed their mind, wrong colour or wrong size, faulty, used, parts or accessories missing, missing manual, damaged box etc. Some customer returns are just failed courier deliveries from retail internet shoppers. However many returns from customers are in perfect working order and some are where the customer has failed to follow the instructions or manual on how to use the product properly.

Q. What are Graded Products?

A. Graded products are checked and tested refurbished items ranging from those in unopened boxes and in “as new” condition just box damaged to items with some signs of previous use and cosmetic marks but functioning correctly and/or some accessories or manual missing.

Q. If I am importing to my country and exporting from UK, do I have to pay VAT?

A. Yes, however if you provide a Bill of Lading you will be exempt or receive your VAT back. If we’re loading a container for an order on our premises for you, and you have the shipping documents, you may be exempt from paying VAT.

Q. Can I get an email of your latest stock/product(s)?

A. Our stock moves quickly. It come in and goes out quickly to regular customers therefore it is often impossible to keep updating stock lists. We therefore highly recommend all new customer should visit our warehouse in order to inspect and select stock. Please visit the Contact Us page and check the ‘Join our mailing list’ box.

Q. You’ve sold out of the pallet(s) I’d like to buy, how can I buy the next available stock of pallet(s) I want?

A. We have contracts to take in surplus and returned stock from major manufacturers and therefore each week we receive regular loads of product. You can check with us what we have in stock and coming in. Contact us with details of the stock you’d like to buy and we will send you the next available stock load and explain how to buy from us..

Q. I’m a first time trader, what would you recommend?

A. Contact us stating where your market is – for example which country you will be re-selling to, as most of the time, we can from our experience, give you a list of products and the quantities which are most likely to sell in your country or market.

Q. Could you send me some photos of your stock?

A. Please view our product catalogue on this site for sample photos of products and stock. Again if you email us we will send pictures of stock currently available – these will be pictures of both the product itself and a pallet load.
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