Graded stock


Buy cheap wholesale graded stock pallets of reconditioned and graded electrical appliances

Graded stock products are electrical returns and “customer returned” items which are returned by retail shops and stores to the manufacturer or original retailer for credit and are sometimes referred to as “second hand”, “used” or “seconds”. However, at Branded Housewares we put all products through an exhaustive quality control programme in our UK workshop. We have our own in-house team of qualified electricians and technicians based at the company’s main UK premises. The team is fully trained and qualified to carry out refurbishment work and testing of used electrical products to the highest UK standards. Returns products are only classed as graded by Branded Housewares after this checking and testing process. There are numerous reasons why a product becomes a return product. This may be because the retail customer no longer wants the item, its an unwanted gift, it is cosmetically marked, has missing parts or missing manual, it’s faulty or has minor faults, it is in a damaged or dirty box, it was a simple delivery error, or a failed internet buyer delivery due to the customer failing to be at home to receive and sign for delivery after numerous attempts to deliver, or because the item has been marked or has a damaged box from within the courier van. It is then treated as a rejected or return item. We at Branded Housewares correct any technical faults so that the item functions like new, and we test it to ensure that any remaining small imperfections are purely cosmetic. Only when the item has been thoroughly tested and we are completely satisfied it functions as it should, do we sell it to our customers as graded product. In many cases, it can be hard to distinguish graded stock from a perfectly new item.

When buying graded stock from us please remember:

  • Any graded item will cost substantially less than the same item bought as brand new.
  • Buying graded items reduces waste and helps the environment.
  • Graded items can function like new, but are not brand new and may not be perfect.
  • Graded items may show slight cosmetic imperfections.
  • A graded item may be incomplete – it may have minor parts or accessories missing that do not affect its functionality.
All products are electrically checked, tested and repaired by our team. These are then sold with a Branded Housewares guarantee and are fully working Items but may have cosmetic marks which do not affect its functional use.

The standards to which we refurbish and grade all our graded products:graded stock

Grade A (Green label):

  • Complete unit – fully functioning and in perfect working order (with all accessories).
  • Quality is indistinguishable from new – no visible signs of use. May be an ex display item.
  • Complete original outer picture box packaging – resealed with most of original inner packaging.
  • Complete with original user manual (except graded stamp over warranty and serial number removed).

graded stock

Grade B (Blue label):

  • Complete unit – fully functioning and in full working order (complete with most essential accessories).
  • Quality as new – may have very slight cosmetic damage such as very small light scratches, slight discolouration or slight staining.
  • Complete original picture box packaging – resealed (with some inner packaging missing and/or slight damage to original picture box).
  • Complete with either original user manual or photocopy (except graded stamp over warranty and serial number removed).

Grade C (No label):graded stock

  • Complete unit – tested as working (some accessories missing).
  • Quality – evidence of previous use – showing some signs of wear and scratches, discolouration or staining but in working order. May require cleaning.
  • Damaged or missing original picture box (often re-boxed).
  • Grade C is often refurbished & tested as working by the manufacturer.
  • No warranty.
  • Note: Branded Housewares sell some grade C products bought in from UK manufacturers but do not refurbish to this standard in house