Nilfisk Titan Pressure Washer Jet Washer Graded Returns Stock Pallets – Grade B

Nilfisk Titan Pressure Washer Jet Washer Graded Returns Stock Pallets – Grade B

Grade B (blue label):

  • Complete unit – fully functioning and in full working order (complete with most essential accessories).
  • Quality as new – may have very slight cosmetic damage such as very small light scratches, slight discolouration or slight staining.
  • Complete original picture box packaging – resealed (with some inner packaging missing and/or slight damage to original picture box).
  • Complete with either original user manual or photocopy (except graded stamp over warranty and serial number removed).

Product Details:

The Nilfisk Titan 120 Pressure Washer has a rated pressure of 85 Bar and has an aluminium pump that gives it even longer life. The nine accessories included mean this pressure washer can be used for all round cleaning on your patio, vehicles and other areas.

Includes a specific Cycle/Auto nozzle, an Under Chassis nozzle and a soft 8m anti kink high pressure hose with hose reel storage.

The inclusion of a patio cleaner mean large areas such paths, driveways, patios and decking are cleaned quickly and easily, and the wash brush is very handy for cleaning cars, caravans, motor bikes cycles, windows, greenhouses, and conservatories.

Has a metal pump and can be used from a water butt tap.

  • 1400 watt universal motor.
  • Flow rate 440 litres/hour.
  • Rated bar – 85.
  • Suitable for light to medium duty tasks.
  • 8m hose.
  • 5m mains cable.
  • Wheeled for ease of use.
  • Maximum temperature of 40°C.

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