Here at Branded Housewares we are now stockists of the Kitchen Genie brand.

The Kitchen Genie brand was developed and designed in the UK, following research in to the durability and quality of mass market kitchen appliances.

The team at Kitchen Genie found that customers are becoming more discerning and less likely to buy so called cheaper “value” brands, as many buyers now realise it’s better to pay slightly more for a quality built item which will last longer rather than buying cheap and having to buy twice.

The designers at Kitchen Genie noticed a proven demand from wholesale buyers seeking to supply their retail customers in the Middle East and African continents where large families are the norm. These buyers were struggling to buy good quality high capacity kitchen appliances of a robust design at an affordable price.

Kitchen Genie branded products are built for longevity, having been based on a commercial or restaurant design specification rather than the small family, cheap and mass market specification.

The challenge of catering for large families often falls to the women of the household, so by listening to their requirements and conducting extensive research, the Kitchen Genie team developed a range of kitchen appliances specifically designed to cater for big families in the home.

Kitchen Genie High Performance Blender 1500W Stock Pallets

Traditional western manufacturer brands evolved their kitchen appliance product range to cater for the smaller nuclear family with relatively low power motors and low capacity vessels because small families need fast and simple food in smaller quantities. However, in contrast, catering for the large and extended family can sometimes be like a commercial operation akin to restaurant cooking with bigger quantities and longer serving times.

Hence the specification of  Kitchen Genie Kitchen Appliances is one of: