Morphy Richards Redefine Hot Water Dispensers – Raw Returns Stock

Morphy Richards Redefine Hot Water Dispensers  

Raw returns (no label):

  • Raw returns are items that high street retailers (eg. Argos, Tesco, Asda etc.) can’t sell for various reasons. This may be because the goods are surplus stock, failed mail order delivery, end of line, discontinued models, 30 day customer returns, unwanted gifts, faulty, parts or accessories missing, manual missing, or damaged boxes and packaging.
  • These items are sold as seen at a discounted or bargain price, with on average 80% in good working order.
  • So much more versatile

    Our design works in harmony with your needs. Select from 150ml to 1.5 litres at a time so you can make a single cup of tea or boil water for a pan full of pasta. 

  • Enjoy minimal wastage and maximum flexibility. 
  • So much more precise

    With volume and temperature selection technology you can be sure you have full control for your cooking and drinking needs. 

  • Select the perfect water temperature, whether it’s 100° C for your pasta, 95° C for your perfect coffee or 85° C for your herbal tea. 
  • So much more convenient

    Convenience in the kitchen is not to be underestimated. With a 3 litre capacity that includes a Brita filtration system, you will refill less often. With simple, intuitive controls, our concept will redefine your hot water needs with efficiency and ease. 

  • Auto Dispense

    You can select to automatically dispense amounts of water of up to 600ml. Anything over this amount you can dispense at the push of a button. 

  • Digital Display

    Digital display clearly shows your selected settings. 

  • BRITA Filter

    BRITA filter to make your drinks look and taste better BRITA technology reduces unpleasant and unwanted substances like limescale, metals or chlorine. 

  •  Drip Tray

    A removable drip tray means less mess. The drip tray also provides a stable platform for mugs, a cafetiere or pan underneath the dispenser. 

  •  Easy set-up

    There’s no plumbing-in required, just use straight from the box.

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