Best Cucina Air Fryer -1800 Watt  – 6.8 Litre

Best Cucina Air Fryer -1800 Watt  – 6.8 Litre


5 in 1 Multi cooker: Air Fry, Boil, Bake, Roast, or Re-heat meals for you and your family.
Frying made healthy: – The Best Cucina Air Fryer creates French fries with 88% less fat and 85% fewer calories 
than a typical fast food restaurant. 
Simple digital display specially designed for
hassle-free, easy cooking foods for your whole family in just minutes. 
Simply fill the cooking pan, set your desired temperature and time, and
you’re done!
preheat needed: Using circular heating technology (it’s 1800-watt
heating element), this air fryer quickly makes crispy, evenly cooed
meals with no preheat waiting time. 
Satisfy your cravings in less time
than it takes for your oven to preheat!
Ditch the
greasy food and unpleasant odours without compromising any crispiness or


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