Food Processor – 800W – Kitchen Genie


The Kitchen Genie 800W Food Processor :-


Are you looking for a versatile and powerful kitchen appliance that can handle all your food preparation needs? Look no further than the 800W – Kitchen Genie Food Processor !


This amazing food processor has an 800 Watt AC motor that can chop, slice, shred, mix, dough, emulsify, and juice with ease. You can adjust the speed and pulse settings with a simple knob control, depending on the type and texture of the food you want to process.

The Food Processor – 800W – Kitchen Genie comes with a 1.4 Litre Plastic Bowl that can hold a large amount of ingredients. It also has a Standard Blade for chopping, a Plastic Blade for dough and mixer, and a Cutting Disc for slicing and shredding. You can switch between these attachments with a quick and easy twist.

But that’s not all!

The Food Processor – 800W – Kitchen Genie also has a Multifunction Chopper that can chop herbs, nuts, garlic, onion, and more in seconds. It also has a Doughing Emulsifying & Citrus Juicer that can make smooth dough, creamy sauces, and fresh juice with minimal effort.

The Food Processor – 800W – Kitchen Genie is designed to be safe and stable. It has Anti Slip Robber feet that prevent it from sliding or moving on your countertop. It also has a safety lock system that prevents the motor from running unless the bowl and lid are securely in place.

The Food Processor – 800W – Kitchen Genie is the ultimate kitchen helper that can make your cooking faster, easier, and more fun. Order yours today and enjoy the magic of the Food Processor – 800W – Kitchen Genie! 🌟


Food Processor – 800W – Kitchen Genie



*   800 Watt AC motor Knob Control

*  2  Speed with Pulse Control

* 1.4 Litre Plastic Bowl

*  Standard Blade for Chopper

* Plastic Blade for Dough/Mixer

* Cutting Disc for Slicing & Shredding

*Multifunction Chopper

* Doughing Emulsifying & Citrus Juicer

* Anti Slip Robber feet



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