Here at Branded Housewares we’re kicking off 2018 with an influx of new product ranges for our customers. Firstly, we have a range of wholesale concrete cement mortar mixers by Progen. You won’t need to worry about paying a fortune for fuel because these reliable electric mixers simply plug in to the mains. They are robust, heavy duty concrete mixers with a wide range of applications which come in three sizes; 160 litre, 180 litre and 200 litre.

Next we have wholesale fitness products in stock for those who need to work off a few pounds after over-indulging Christmas. First off, we have a heavy duty flywheel exercise bike available for wholesale purchase. The 18kg flywheel enables you to build up speed like an outdoor bike, and the sturdy steel design lets you stand up and pedal hard like you are riding up a slope or just pedalling quickly down a road.

For those wishing to bulk up their physique we have wholesale stocks of the Abexceed Power Tower multi-purpose home gym which allows you to work out your upper body in numerous ways. Exercises such as pull-ups, dips, push-ups, bench presses and more can be done with this one piece of equipment. With the generous 120kg weight limit it’s suitable for all sizes.

Lastly, for you stationary lovers we have a range of Tallon stationary available for wholesale traders. With a wide selection available such as colouring pencils, mechanical pencils, gel pens, permanent markers, highlighters we’re sure we’ve got you covered.

We expect to list more stock in the next few weeks. For more information on our latest products please contact us.