Hoover Spritz Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner – New Stock

If you are short of storage space, or simply dislike using heavy upright vacuum cleaners, this Hoover Spritz cylinder vacuum has an incredibly efficient A Class energy rating.

Providing powerful cleaning, the vacuum cleaner comes with a pet turbo brush to tackle stubborn pet hair. It has two smooth wheels which will glide throughout your home and features a wonderfully convenient carry handle, as well as telescopic tubes for reaching high up so you can give every inch of your home a great clean.

  • This Hoover Spritz cylinder vacuum is lightweight and compact, perfect if you have limited storage space as it can simply tuck away.
  • It has a telescopic extension tube for maximum reach and a fantastic crevice nozzle to get into corners for a thoroughly clean home.
  • A dusting brush is also included to easily achieve a spotless finish, so you can use the vacuum to clean upholstery, pet hair and more.
  • Suitable for all floor types, the vacuum cleaner is perfectly easy to manoeuvre with a central handle and brilliantly efficient wheels.
  • Designed with smart cylinder technology and incredible suction, the vacuum is also bagless so you can save time as well as money.
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