Jamaica Roots Hair Mask 450ml tub Black Hair

Jamaica Roots Hair Mask 450ml tub Black Hair

Jamaican Roots is a brand developed using the natural ingredients found in Jamaica. The products are formulated with a unique blend of oils that promote healthy hair and skin. Jamaican Roots is ” De Real Ting! “

The Jamaican Tuna Plant is used as herbal remedies in Jamaica and many other countries.

The flesh of the cactus leaves are sometimes applied directly to minor cuts, burns and musculoskeletal injuries to stimulate healing and reduce pain, which is similar to how the aloe vera plant is used.

Furthermore, the fresh sap from the cactus leaves is used as a natural cleaning shampoo and to eliminate dandruff and other scalp problems. How does the Tuna Plant Benefit Hair Tuna Leaves aka. Prickly Pears – Not to be confused with aloe vera, tuna is one of those cacti that you can find in any tropical or sub-tropical country.

It is a rugged plant that contains something called a Penka Gel. This gel is an emollient (moisturizer) and is especially beneficial for hair and skin. It is one of the premium additions to hair recipes for hair growth.

In Jamaica this plant is often used as a treatment to your hair by simple cutting the leaves and rubbing the internal portion onto the scalp and covering with a plastic cap for 30 minutes then rinsing out.

The Tuna plant much like the Aloe Vera leaves the scalp feeling clean, soothes itching and strengthens the root of the hair (leaving it thicker). The plant can be used by all hair types whether your hair is relaxed or in its natural state.



* ALL NATURAL INGEDIENTS:- Coconut Oil,  Cactus Oil, Organic Sheer Butter

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