ZeroWater – The World’s Best Water Purifier – New Product Range

ZeroWater lead the charge on certified lead and chromium removal. No brand within this category can touch ZeroWater on dissolved solids removal and you would need to filter water more than 10 times through a Brita filter to get the same quality water as a single ZeroWater filter.

The goal of ZeroWater is to deliver the cleanest, purest tasting water; the closest you can get to purified water. So confident are ZeroWater of their product, that they include a free TDS (total dissolved solids) digital meter with every jug or dispenser, so you can test your water before, and after its been purified.

ZeroWater products rival and supersede the Brita water filters in today’s market due to the fact that they have 5 filters as opposed to 2 (removing 99.6% of all dissolved solids and the only water purifier certified to reduce lead & chromium 6). The ZeroWater products are currently replacing/gaining huge market share in the USA from Brita.

How is ZeroWater different?

  • It uses a 5 stage filter which is more comprehensive.
  • Ion exchange technology as opposed to simple carbon only.
  • Removes virtually all detectable dissolved solids.

How does the ZeroWater filter work?

When water passes through the ion exchange filters, the ions that you may not want in the water or may make the water taste bad are collected and exchanged with water ions like hydrogen.

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