Einhell TC-MD 50 Digital Stud Detector Wire Metal Wood Wall

The Einhell digital detector TC-MD 50 is an indispensable helper for DIY enthusiasts: in the home, at the building site or for renovation work. The digital detector is unbeatable for reliable location of wood, metal and live wires in walls.

This tool reliably detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood and live wires. Operation is easy and intuitive thanks to an acoustic warning signal. Protector pads are also fitted on the back to protect the wall.

The soft grip makes it comfortable to operate with just one hand. If the TC-MD 50 is set down to one side, it switches off automatically after one minute without being used.


  • Reliable detection of metals, wood and electrical cables.
  • Intuitive operation thanks to a warning sound.
  • Wall protection with sliders on the back of the device.
  • Automatic shutdown after 1 minute of interruption of use.

Technical data:

  • Depth detection wood / metal : 19mm.
  • Detection depth ferrous metals : 50mm.
  • Depth of copper detection : 38mm.
  • Depth detection : 50mm.
  • Length mm : 151.
  • Width mm : 60.
  • Height mm : 35.
  • Gross weight (kg) : 0.34.
  • Net weight (kg) : 0.17.

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