Von Haus Air Purifiers - Brand New Stock just arrived at Branded Housewares


We have just had in - 1200 pieces of New Air Purifier Stock in mail order packaging. These are brand new and from the Von Haus brand. The product works with new ionisation technology - "Anion" and a 2  stage filtration system.

The Hepa True Filter captures floating particles, pollen and dust by more than 99% within its operating radius in just 1 hour.

The Advanced Carbon Filter eliminates odours and chemical pollutants that could be damaging to health.


The fan also has  3 spead settings and the Anion Ionisation function button.


* Retail Price - £69.99 each

* OUR PRICE ONLY - £20.00 each

*    Minimum Order Quantities



The Von Haus Air Purifier will purify rooms up to 40m2