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Electricians Digital Multi Meters

21 Jan 2019 15:57:03

We have just received a job lot of Electrical Digital Multi-Meters Total Number of pieces = 750 units.Useful for professional electricians or DIY amatuers.

The DT832 Digital Multimeter reads:- Ohm Voltage Ampere, has a Meter Buzzer Function Test Probe




DC voltage: 200mV-1000V Accuracy: ±(0.5%+2dgt)

AC voltage: 200-750V Accuracy: ±(1.2%+10dgt)

DC current: 2000uA-10A Accuracy: ±(1.0%+2dgt)

Resistance: 200Ω-2MΩ Accuracy: ±(0.8%+2dgt)

Diode test: Yes 

Transistor test: Yes

On-off measurement: Yes

Continuity buzzer: Yes 

Power supply: 9V battery 6F22 (NOT included) 

Display size: Approx. 16 × 48mm/ 0.63 x 1.89"

Product size: Approx. 120 × 67 × 24mm/ 4.72x2.64 x 0.94"

Maximum display: 1999  


Package Included:

1 x DT832 Digital Mulitmeter

2 x Test Probe Leads

1 x English User Manual

PRICE:- £1.95 Each . ALL 750 pieces:- £1350.00

Posted By Branded Housewares

Every kitchen needs a good food mixer and blender, the Sensio Home 2-in-1 food processor with blender is in effect a stand mixer machine with a powerful blender built in and on top of the stand mixer. 


It has a powerful 1000w electric motor and comes complete with all the necessary accessories:- a dough hook for bread making, a ballon whisk or cake and dessert making, a beater and a splash guard. Operated by a 6 speed dial and with a large 4.5 litre stainless steel mixing bowl and a bulit in, yet detachable 1.5 litre glass jug for the blender, the Sensio 2 in 1 stand mixer & blender is a must for any kitchen.

We have just received 200 pieces of the Sensio 2 in 1 mixer/blender all brand new and ready to go. Your customers will pay good money for this complete combination food processing machine.

Retail Price - £123.99 each

* OUR PRICE ONLY - £53.00 each

   Minimum Order 50 pieces.  



Posted By Branded Housewares

Remember the days of vinyl records, well they're back in fashion and people are buying record players again. You can't beat that retro sound of needle on vinyl.

New for 2019, we at Branded Housewares have just had arrived in stock 800 pieces of vintage style  RECORD PLAYERS/TURN-TABLES designed in a vintage style suit case that hides the deck.

Coming in two sizes, we have the Altius (small) and the Bauhm - (medium -stereo).

Each is belt driven and comes with a headphones input, capable of turning at three speeds - 33, 45 & 78 rpm.

These are for sale as export only items outside the UK & EU.



Priced at ONLY £10.00 each 

* Minimum quantity Orders



*  Priced at ONLY £10.00 each 

* Minimum quantity Orders

Posted By Branded Housewares

Air Purifiers - Von Haus

14 Jan 2019 17:23:19

Von Haus Air Purifiers - Brand New Stock just arrived at Branded Housewares


We have just had in - 1200 pieces of New Air Purifier Stock in mail order packaging. These are brand new and from the Von Haus brand. The product works with new ionisation technology - "Anion" and a 2  stage filtration system.

The Hepa True Filter captures floating particles, pollen and dust by more than 99% within its operating radius in just 1 hour.

The Advanced Carbon Filter eliminates odours and chemical pollutants that could be damaging to health.


The fan also has  3 spead settings and the Anion Ionisation function button.


* Retail Price - £69.99 each

* OUR PRICE ONLY - £20.00 each

*    Minimum Order Quantities



The Von Haus Air Purifier will purify rooms up to 40m2


Posted By Branded Housewares

Here at Branded Housewares we are now stockists of the Kitchen Genie brand.

The Kitchen Genie brand was developed and designed in the UK, following research in to the durability and quality of mass market kitchen appliances.

The team at Kitchen Genie found that customers are becoming more discerning and less likely to buy so called cheaper "value" brands, as many buyers now realise it's better to pay slightly more for a quality built item which will last longer rather than buying cheap and having to buy twice.

The designers at Kitchen Genie noticed a proven demand from wholesale buyers seeking to supply their retail customers in the Middle East and African continents where large families are the norm. These buyers were struggling to buy good quality high capacity kitchen appliances of a robust design at an affordable price.

Kitchen Genie branded products are built for longevity, having been based on a commercial or restaurant design specification rather than the small family, cheap and mass market specification.

The challenge of catering for large families often falls to the women of the household, so by listening to their requirements and conducting extensive research, the Kitchen Genie team developed a range of kitchen appliances specifically designed to cater for big families in the home.

Kitchen Genie High Performance Blender 1500W Stock Pallets    

Traditional western manufacturer brands evolved their kitchen appliance product range to cater for the smaller nuclear family with relatively low power motors and low capacity vessels because small families need fast and simple food in smaller quantities. However, in contrast, catering for the large and extended family can sometimes be like a commercial operation akin to restaurant cooking with bigger quantities and longer serving times.

Hence the specification of  Kitchen Genie Kitchen Appliances is one of:

  • High powered motors (e.g.  using 1000 to 1500 Watt motors rather than 300 to 500 Watt).
  • Larger containers (2 to 3 Litre rather than 1 Litre or less).
  • "Keep Warm" features to assist with extended serving times.
  • Quality build and designed to be long-lasting.
Posted By Branded Housewares

Here at Branded Housewares we're kicking off 2018 with an influx of new product ranges for our customers. Firstly, we have a range of wholesale concrete cement mortar mixers by Progen. You won't need to worry about paying a fortune for fuel because these reliable electric mixers simply plug in to the mains. They are robust, heavy duty concrete mixers with a wide range of applications which come in three sizes; 160 litre, 180 litre and 200 litre.

Next we have wholesale fitness products in stock for those who need to work off a few pounds after over-indulging Christmas. First off, we have a heavy duty flywheel exercise bike available for wholesale purchase. The 18kg flywheel enables you to build up speed like an outdoor bike, and the sturdy steel design lets you stand up and pedal hard like you are riding up a slope or just pedalling quickly down a road.

For those wishing to bulk up their physique we have wholesale stocks of the Abexceed Power Tower multi-purpose home gym which allows you to work out your upper body in numerous ways. Exercises such as pull-ups, dips, push-ups, bench presses and more can be done with this one piece of equipment. With the generous 120kg weight limit it's suitable for all sizes.

Lastly, for you stationary lovers we have a range of Tallon stationary available for wholesale traders. With a wide selection available such as colouring pencils, mechanical pencils, gel pens, permanent markers, highlighters we're sure we've got you covered.

We expect to list more stock in the next few weeks. For more information on our latest products please contact us.

Posted By Branded Housewares

We now have an exclusive range of wholesale Cobra air compressors in stock for our customers. The air compressors come in four sizes: 50 litre, 70 litre, 100 litre and a special 150 litre belt-driven air compressor. They are very high quality products with a robust design which is built to last. The stock is brand new.

They are available to trade customers only where the minimum spend is £2000. We advise our customers to contact us as quickly as possible as we're experiencing a high demand for the air compressors.

wholesale stock loads of Cobra air compressors for sale

Posted By Branded Housewares

We're happy to annouce that we now have the SMART product range in stock, available to wholesale traders. The range features some very interesting products such as retro popcorn makers, waffle makers, healthy scales, gummy candy makers, multi-purpose blenders, pizza ovens, coffee makers, snow cone makers and pasta makers.

This exclusive range of kitchen electrical appliances are highly sought after so we're pleased to have these types of products available to our customers. Please contact us for more information.

SMART wholesale stock electrical appliances for sale

Posted By Branded Housewares

We have a wholesale stock load of like-new white goods for export featuring brands such as Belling, Russell Hobbs and LEC. The white goods load contains large appliances such as cookers, fridge freezers, washing machines, microwaves and cooker hoods. The load is for sale as a complete lot, meaning that it must be purchased in it's entirety.

Stock load list including pictures, quantities, retail prices and our prices.

Buy white goods wholesale large appliance stock

Posted By Branded Housewares

We have premium quality wholesale Tramontina tableware stock including steak knives, cutlery sets, tableware sets and stainless steel cookware for sale at reduced prices.

For the garden we also have wholesale stock pallets of barbeque tools such as wooden serving boards, grills, spatulas, tongs and other utensils.

For the discerning gardener we have some superb machetes which would be ideal for land clearing.

For more information please contact us.

Tramontina wholesale tableware stock pallets

Posted By Branded Housewares
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